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So much Pokespam.

Ahhhhh yeah I've drawn some stuff. A lot of pokemon stuff again because it is my crack. All the mportant stuff is first and then I'll spam ya'll with gijinkas.

Reed, Cero, Melinda, and Lorena. And stupid little sayings about them. Reed's actually applies more to "/0", but I think I'm going to keep his weird relation to crows alive in "Waiting For Neveah" because I don't know what else to do with him.

Melinda has a white stick that fires magic bullets somehow. Because I can't draw guns and we like making fun of the fact that she's blind.

Lorena is the tallest.

Jedrek (formerly Junpei) and Meika are going to show up for a while and allude to "/0" vaguely since "Waiting For Neveah" was originally just supposed to be a short arc in the reality-jumping plot. Jedrek is going to be a creeper pretty much the whole time and Meika is probably going to punch him. Jed's height may also change a lot over the course of his appearance to signify he is a CRAZY WTF'ER. Lol he is taller than Lorena sometimes just to freak her out.

Did a retake on an old drawing of Meika I did in Feb '09. Here's a side by side if you're curious. I'm pretty pleased with how far I've come since then, especially since that old drawing of Meika was one of my favorite things I'd done for a long time.

As per usual, Ho-Oh and Lugia are being emo.

For those unaware, I adore Daruma dolls. I want to get a buch and use them to keep myself motivated. As such, when Hihidaruma was announced, I got excited. Not so much by Hihidaruma himself, but at the prospect of a pre-evolution that would be a tiny, fire-breathing daruma doll. So I drew one up out of excitement. So far there's been no word on if my dreams will come true, but hopefully Nintendo will deliver.

Early on, Suri told me to take my Persian off of my Soul Silver team because she wouldn’t be useful. I didn’t listen and trained her anyway. Pantera later went on to, at level 50, effortlessly defeat two of Lance’s Dragonites. She made me a small fortune while doing it thanks to Payday and her Amulet Coin. Suri has since apologized for his mistake and will never doubt Pantera again.

And then, predictably, I made a gijinka. Because that's what I do.

Pantera, and my Gardevior, Amadeus. Yes, I train a male Gardevoir. He is a beast.

Finally got a general design down for Zapdos's casual outfit. I am pretty much in love with her hair.

The legendary birds group, based on this Alphonse Mucha illustration. Oh god I worked foreverrrrr on this. But I am so pleased with the outcome.


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Jul. 21st, 2010 04:23 am (UTC)
"Melinda has a white stick that fires magic bullets somehow."

So, it's kind of like this? - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Powerhead

<3 all the drawings, btw, especially Ho-oh. The colors on that one are extra special awesome.
Jul. 21st, 2010 11:36 pm (UTC)
Lol yes it is actually very much like that.

Ho-Oh is made of fantastic and rainbows and also some rage. XD
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