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Almost two months of stuff.

I really need to not let my sketchbook pile up. I've been doing stuff in my sketchbook steadily since my last post and it's been almost 2 months since then. So I just have... all this built up stuff.

So many Black Maria doodles. Also Waiting For Neveah, Pokemon (one maybe ever so slightly NSFW?), and a few other misc. characters of mine.Collapse )


Since school has started, I've gone back to sketchbooking obsessively. I realized recently that I haven't been scanning anything since I've been so focused on scanning and working on my school assignments.


Black Maria, HEART+SOUL, and a pinch of Waiting for Neveah. Mostly sketches and a few finished things.Collapse )

All sorts of stuff.

Well I've been alone in an apartment for two weeks with nothing to do but eat and draw.

My standard fare, "Waiting For Neveah" and pokemon stuff mostly. Also the designs for my character in an upcoming Pathfinders campaign my friend is GMing.

A fairly large art dump this time!Collapse )

So much Pokespam.

Ahhhhh yeah I've drawn some stuff. A lot of pokemon stuff again because it is my crack. All the mportant stuff is first and then I'll spam ya'll with gijinkas.

Waiting For NeveahCollapse )

POKESPAMCollapse )

Mostly "Waiting For Neveah" things...

Man it's been a while since I've dumped any art in this thing. Let's correct that now...

I bought a new sketchbook recently...Collapse )

Waiting For Neveah + Pokemon Gijinkas

I try to keep my fanart out of here as much as I can, but I've been doing a lot of poke-gijinkas lately, and they're at least original from a design perspective, so I thought it'd be okay to include them? You can skip down to the Waiting for Neveah stuff if you want...

Pokemon GijinkasCollapse )

Waiting For NeveahCollapse )

I want this to stand alone.

Dress and concept inspired by the Bloggess and her Traveling Red Dress, which has spent all day just floating to the front of my mind.

Red DressCollapse )

Only two, but they're finished work.

Just thought I'd get a few things up here that I've done recently. Since school let out I've been busy looking after my mom (due to her knee surgery) and just unwinding and figuring some things out for myself, so I haven't done a whole lot of drawing. But I managed to get these two done in rare fits of creativity.

Black Maria stuff.Collapse )
School is overrrrrrr. And I seem to have come across a pile of things from over the course of the semester that I have no idea when I did them. Also stuff that I know when I did it.

I'm gonna be honest... There's a lot of "/0" and no "Black Maria". I am a failure at my own projects. :/

Oh my god I am putting up so many things.Collapse )